FSA Series Bible: Part Two (section 2)

Continuing our series of blog posts on Full Speed Ahead’s bible, we look into the Ship’s Specifications and History:

II-1.    Starship Specifications

Class: Nebula-class (Flight II)
Dimensions: 442.23m (length), 316.11m (beam), 130.43m (height)
Mass: 3,575,000 metric tonnes
Crew: 780 (170 officers, 530 enlisted)
Armament: 8x Type X Phaser Beam Arrays
Defense: Standard Shield System, Duranium/Tritanium Hull plus 9cm High Density Armor.
Speeds: .25c STL Impulse, w6 (cruise), w9.4 (max).
Decks: 33 (Saucer: 16, Stardrive: 25, Pod: 5)
Cargo Capacity: 26,000 metric tonnes

II-2. Ship’s History

Farragut was launched on Stardate 38110 (2358) from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as the fourth starship to be produced of the Nebula-class.  She is the third ship named Farragut to serve in Starfleet.  Her first commanding officer was Captain James J. Jericho, and was immediately assigned to the Exploration Command on a two year mapping mission from 2358 to 2360.  At the conclusion of his tour of duty, Captain Jericho was relieved by Captain Eleanor Riegart, and Farragut was given another mapping mission, this time deep into the Alpha Quadrant beyond Tholian space for five years, from 2360 to 2365.

Captain Reigart was promoted to Commodore, and reassigned that year as the new commanding officer of Starbase 73.  Farragut‘s crew was transferred, and the ship was ordered to be retrofitted to the “Flight II” version of the Nebula-class.  To that end, she was placed under the command of Commander Robert Tennyson during the fourteen-month assignment at the Antares Ship Yards.

In 2366, Captain Krystine Leone was ordered to assume command of Farragut, and was subsequently assigned to the Cardassian Border Patrol division of the Starfleet Border Service.  Their flag officer is Rear Admiral T’Cirya of Starbase 310, while their field commander is Captain Benjamin Maxwell (USS Phoenix).

Next week, we will move ahead with the ship’s major locations.