WIP Progress Report: January 31, 2013

It’s the WIP Progress Report for January 2013!  I’m sure you all were holding your breath since I hadn’t posted one since July of last year.

Posted Works

I actually took down “Eight the Hard Way” and “Fever Five” from Ad Astra this month, due to the changes that we’ve made to Full Speed Ahead.  “Milk Run” and “Eternal Midnight” have faced some minor revisions as a consequence and will reflect those changes on Ad Astra soon.

WIP Corner

With the two episodes revised above, plus the addition of five brand new episodes to the lineup, I would say that A.J. and I have put down well over 50,000 words this month.  We have two completed episodes: “A Great Perhaps” and “Turbulence.”  We have one episode near-finished (one more scene to go as of this writing), “The Unreturned Prodigal.”  We’ll start working on “Timing, Degree, and Conviction” shortly after.  Most likely this weekend.

Prep Work

Not a lot of prep work needed except for review of key TNG episodes.  We’re working on the outline for the final episode of this arc, “Bitter PIlls,” as well as prepping for the next arc which will include “A Piece of Their Action” and “A Piece of Our Action.”  Amazingly, we managed to get a good outline down for “Make and Mend,” which we are very excited about writing.

Productivity Killers

Work has been the biggest killer of my writing productivity so far.  Also, my weekly radio show went back into production on 25 January.  I had a major project due this month and I successfully executed it (yay!) but next month I’ll be traveling to Florida for another big project that’ll go into the first two weeks of March.  However, I’m seeing this as a nice venue change to use to write with, so I’m actually looking forward to it.  Also, I’ve never been to Florida before.  We’re planning on making good use of that time.