WIP Progress Report: September 30, 2013

Here’s the WIP Progress Report for September 2013!  This will include the months in between now and the last update.

Posted Works

Finished posting the rest of “Turbulence.”  That’s pretty much it.

WIP Corner

A.J. and I are working on “Bitter Pills” and “A Piece of Their Action.”  More the latter than the former, because the latter episode is cutting a little better than “Bitter Pills” is and we’re enjoying the forward momentum.  Also, we’ve been paying a little bit of attention to “Mater Semper Certa Est” which is the second novella of the Task Force Vanguard trilogy.

Prep Work

Whenever we write in FSA, there’s a lot of rewatching of TNG and TOS episodes that are germane to the subject matter.  In this case, a lot of reviewing of the TOS episode “A Piece of the Action” as well as the TNG episodes “The Wounded” have been in order, especially since we’re dealing with characters and situations that are taking place in context to the stories we’re writing.

Productivity Killers

Timing seems to be somewhat of a killer, although I’ve been making as much time as I possibly can.  But, I’ve also been portioning time for a new workout routine six days a week, due to my doctor’s advice.  That’s at least 60-90 minutes of my free time handed over to this, with the exception of one rest day.  The good news is that the immediate effect has been pretty positive in that I feel a lot more energetic than I have in the past.  The bad news is that it’s time I can’t spend writing any more.