FSA Series Bible: Part Two

We continue with our posting of the FSA Series Bible with Part Two in this series.

II.    The Starship Farragut

USS Farragut (registry NCC-60597) is a Federation Nebula-class Multimission Heavy Cruiser.  Its crew compliment is 780 total (170 commissioned officers, 530 enlisted/NCO).  It is considered the precursor to the Galaxy-class Multimission Heavy Cruiser (as seen in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION).

Its saucer section is nearly identical to that of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), however, it utilizes a mission-specific pod that sits above and behind the saucer atop the secondary hull.  Depending on the parameters of the mission she will undertake, this pod can be replaced with one more suitable.  The different types of pods are:

  1. Sensor: advanced long-range sensor package, two torpedo tubes.
  2. Tactical: tactical sensor package, eight torpedo tubes, four phasers.
  3. Transport: additional cargo bays or personnel berthing, two torpedo tubes.
  4. Special Ops: typically used for small craft launching or transport, such as shuttles and pods.  Two torpedo tubes.
  5. Carrier: small craft launching and landing, four torpedo tubes.

Farragut recently underwent a retrofit of its major systems to capitalize on the release of technological advances as a part of the Galaxy-class project.

We will continue our bible exposition next Monday, with an overview of the ship’s history in Part Two-A!