WIP Progress Report: July 30, 2013

Here’s the WIP Progress Report for July 2013!  This will include the months in between now and then.

Posted Works

A.J. and I finished up a number of episodes since January.  We’ve posted “A Great Perhaps,” “The Unreturned Prodigal,” “Timing, Degree, and Conviction,” and “Turbulence.”  Though, the last one is still missing the last two acts, so I’ll have to post those as soon as I can.  I know that Ln X was dismayed because he thought the episode ended with Govan’s collapse.

We’ve also been working with Sam Redfeather on a collaboration that would see the final book in both of our Task Force Vanguard trilogies, which is titled Infinities Unbound.  It’s currently up at TrekBBS, but once completed, we hope to see it at Ad Astra where it belongs.

WIP Corner

We’re moving to the tenth episode of Full Speed Ahead, which is “Bitter Pills.”  That will bring the episodes containing Lieutenant Waltham to a close, as her full purpose will be revealed.  We wrote a couple of chapters to one of our Dominion War novels, Ex Scientia, which would see Dominic and Teelis attending Starfleet Academy.  Also, we’re working on the second book in our Task Force Vanguard trilogy, Mater Semper Certa Est, which follows To Triumph and Not to Mourn and will precede the aforementioned Infinities Unbound.  Both books are mid-write, though Sam has unfortunately gone on a temporary writing hiatus for the moment as he deals with the perils of real life first.

Prep Work

Not a lot to report here, though I’ve been spending a lot of time watching and rewatching episodes from the third season of The Next Generation to get back into the feel for FSA’s first season.

Productivity Killers

The biggest productivity killer for me has been work.  I’m personally prepping to return to Florida for seven weeks(!) in the next three months.  Before then, it’s been project after project after project to deliver materials… as I’m gunning for a promotion that’s been dangled in front of me, which would be a great step up for me in my career.  On the other hand, we’re talking a lot about moving into original fiction so it’ll be published in a more traditional sense, so I’m also focusing on world-building for that venture in the near future.  That’ll kill productivity on fanfic writing for sure!