WIP Progress Report: 2014, thus far…

What have I been up to since the last progress report?  Quite a lot, actually…

Posted Works

Published the Prologue of Mater Semper Certa Est.

WIP Corner

AJ and I are only a few scant chapters away from completing “Mater,” which would be great because that story leads into an enveloped Task Force Vanguard story, intertwined with Sam Redfeather’s TFV trilogy.

We’re also going back to the drawing board on “Bitter Pills,” which will be great because I came to an utter standstill on that story given the nature of the plot.  I’m hoping that with a new direction, it’ll be a better story for season one of FSA.

Prep Work

There’s been quite a bit of preparation/planning for several new stories in the FSA genre that continue some of the story begun in “The Chains of Error.”  After “Mater,” we will be writing a direct sequel called “Gens Una Sumus,” featuring Lieutenant Commander C. J. Kircheis and her career being affected by service in the Delta Quadrant.

Following “Gens” will be “Stet Fortuna Domus,”  which picks up a major plot point left behind and answers questions on how the Rihannsu will handle the incoming invasion force from the Delta Quadrant.

Beyond “Stet” we have two as-yet untitled stories: One which will feature Captain Abbie Atherton and the crew of USS Indefatigable.  This story shall feature everyone’s favorite Trill/Betazoid, Govan Harli, as well as (re)introduce a Voyager crewmember, Ensign Icheb.  The plot centers around two simultaneous missions: A thread left behind from “Mater” regarding the apparent ineptitude of Starfleet in the post-war era, and a science mission to a colony where the children appear to be undergoing an unusal virus.  Govan is placed in command of this errand of mercy where he must contend with the government of the colony as well as fight the virus.

The second story is a future tale from 2386, where Dominic Leone is placed as the XO of a starship and a family friend transfer aboard to cause some consternation.  Meanwhile, his mother and her husband deal with a problem regarding her critical injury and how it complicates their family… in a way I can’t reveal yet.  We’re not done fully planning this one out.

We’re really excited about all of these stories and hope to have “Mater” completed before the end of the year.

Productivity Killers

One of the big killers of our productivity has been time and travel.  Personally, I’ve been assigned to the United Kingdom since November, which has made the time zone issue a big problem for us.  When I’m ready to work, AJ’s still at her day job, and by the time she’s done it is time to go to sleep here on the big damp island.  Add to that a flaky internet connection at the apartment building I’m residing in for the duration and you have all sorts of complications.  So, weekends have been especially helpful and productive for us thus far.  But, I will be returning home right before Christmas and it is our hope that we’ll see some great forward motion.