WIP Progress Report: July 20, 2012

My WIP progress report for July is right here!  Did you all miss me?

Posted Works

None this month, so far.

WIP Corner

I put in a decent amount of work on Star Trek: The New Threat.  I won’t be posting anything from it until it is completed, so I can put it to bed, finally.  I’ve written a good thousand words into it, and I would love to start August with it completed.  I’ve also spent a little time on Full Speed Ahead, by adding two scenes to “Fever Five.”

Prep Work

I’ve actually been watching a lot of Tenth Doctor to put myself in the mood to finish The New Threat.  For “Fever Five,” it’s been Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  The dialogue and star egos help me get into the frame of mind to try to put myself into the shoes of Dorothy Darrington.  I want to try and get back to the inspiration for why I wrote this story arc in the first place.

Productivity Killers

Multiple factors worked against me this month.  The first and foremost was the problems we were dealing with on the forums and the near-loss of the database.  Thankfully, the time I invested into rescue paid off and we finally got it up and running.  Additionally, my job has seen fit to move me from one shift to another, which means that my sleep cycle is all sorts of screwed up.  This should hopefully normalize in the first couple of weeks of August, however, I’m not looking forward to the second and final shift back to the day shift in late September.  Wow, this section should be renamed to, “Excuses for not writing,” huh?