WIP Progress Report: June 24, 2012

My WIP progress report for May and June is right here!  Did you all miss me?

Posted Works

I finished and posted Act Three for Full Speed Ahead‘s “Fever Five.”

WIP Corner

I’ve pretty much been chipping away at Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead and “Star Trek: The New Threat” for the most part.  As I pointed out above, my progress on the latest episode has moved forward ever so slightly and I posted up the result of that progress once I had a good idea for it.  For The New Threat, I am literally two chapters away from finishing that novella and then I can call it done.  I’m hoping that I can finally get that monkey off my back and put it to bed.  If I can do that, that would really be a good thing for me. 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about returning to Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed‘s seventh story, “Gallant.”  I kind of left it open-ended and I think it really needs to be closed off so I can put TQB to bed for a while (until I’m inspired to write an “H” story).

Prep Work

No prep work this time around, outside of watching DS9 and Doctor Who.  Does that even count?

Productivity Killers

I’ve just returned from my birthday trip to Anaheim last week, and prior to that, work has been very demanding on my free time.  It also looks like I might be switching shifts in the next 60-90 days, depending on whenever they decide to make that decision.  I’m not looking forward to summer, due to expected increases in workload and projects.