FSA Series Bible: Part One

I treat Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead like a series on television; I write the episodes to around 10,000 words, which is roughly 55-60 pages of material. In order to keep things in an organized fashion, I’m putting together a Series Bible with all the information contained inside.  In theory, another writer could possibly write an episode for the series.

Eventually, as I complete this document, I will post it up in parts for you to read.

The first part describes the background of Full Speed Ahead:

I.    Backstory

Our series begins on Stardate 43222, or March 13, 2366 (approximately two and a half months into the 3rd season or year of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION).

The Nebula-class starship USS Farragut, following a successful five-year long-range mapping mission, has been repurposed for use as a Border Patrol command and control cruiser along the Cardassian (as depicted in STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE) and Tzenkethi borders.  The length of this mission is no more than two to three years on this border, before being reassigned to another sector.

In this timeframe, the uneasy peace between the United Federation of Planets and their former combatants in very recent wars has forced Starfleet to provide adequate cover to civilian shipping to the various colonies operating near those borders.  While this fragile peace is maintained, Cardassian and Tzenkethi military ships vigorously patrol and occasionally cross over to harass Federation commercial traffic.

To that end, Farragut‘s mission is two-fold:

  1. Monitor, regulate, and protect private/commercial shipping traffic within Federation space.
  2. Threat analysis of any non-Federation craft approaching or within Federation space.

To that end, Farragut will likely meet many Federation citizens in their pursuit of commerce and other ventures.  They may respond to calls from ships in distress or other emergency situations, not too much unlike those serving in the United States Coast Guard.  Their responsibilities are to not just to ensure the defense of Federation territory, but also ensure the safety of those traveling within that territory.

 As I write more of this information down, I will post it here in my blog.  Just look for the tag ‘Series Bible.’