Damn the Torpedoes eBook

Not too long ago, TrekUnited Publishing made an announcement within the comments of another post on this blog that stated that Full Speed Ahead would be released in eBook format under their label.

Back in July, TrekUnited’s Kirok and I got together due to the fact that the both of us were both members of STARFLEET International.  During a discussion, I mentioned that it would be great to have TUP publish Full Speed Ahead and he was elated at the notion.  Months later, we began editing the pilot episodes for publishing at the same time that I was collaborating on “To Triumph and Not to Mourn” with A. J. Gertner.

After many cycles of revisions, changes, proofing, and designing, the finished product is now available at Issuu.com from TUP.  You can download a copy of the book for your own eReader, or read it directly from this page (flash is required):