The New Threat, Chapter 9

Since the most recent chapter of The Chains of Error is now online, I’ve decided to start writing and finishing off The New Threat.In Chapters Seven and Eight of this story, Coralie resigned her commission and is hopeful that she will become the Doctor’s next companion.  Amidst a Dalek incursion into Federation territory, Coralie is learning a lot about the Doctor and his adventures through his anecdotes.  Given that they had already used the TARDIS once to rescue survivors from the first Federation colony to be attacked by the Daleks, Coralie has gotten a little taste of what it’s like to travel with him and do some good.  In her eyes, this is the exact kind of adventure that she signed up for when she saw herself in a Starfleet uniform.  While the Doctor is wary of bringing along someone new, he realizes that he’s taken a liking to her drive and the fact that she’s been brought up in a very conscientious society isn’t a bad thing, either.

Looking forward in this story, we’ll be advancing the defense story, as well as what will happen to Coralie since she’s effectively on her way out of Starfleet.  Bellerophon is in the middle of nowhere on a very important mission.  Do they keep her on the roster?  Do they tell her to just hang out until they get to a Starbase?  Or does the Doctor just take her with him right away?

On a site update tip, I’ve added a new plugin for Quotation of the Moment, which will now cycle bits of prose from my stories.  Enjoy!