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Series Summary: Following the introduction of the Indefatigable crew in “Mater Semper Certa Est,” we will follow Captain Abigail Atherton and her vessel as they work to keep the peace within Federation territory.

The year is 2378, three years after the tremendous victory of the Federation Alliance over the Dominion.  During the war, many member worlds felt the violence first-hand, including core and founding members such as Betazed, Andor, Trill, and Bolius.  With Starfleet feeling the pinch of reservists returning home and the rise of piracy within their own territory, defensive coverage has fallen by the way in favor of such far-reaching programs like Task Force Vanguard.  The threat of secession to protect themselves is more real than some on the Federation Council would care to admit.  Meanwhile, the

Starfleet Admirals Gleason and Paris think otherwise.  As the Federation’s own Ministry of Defense sends its liaisons to assess the situation, Paris sends Captain Atherton and her Sovereign-class battlecruiser to fly the flag and keep the peace.  It is her job to show those members that staying united in this Federation is their best chance for defense and prosperity.

This fanfic series will begin with the first mission in Summer 2018 and we hope you’ll enjoy reading about this new crew and their adventures in the Federation’s own backyard.


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