Introducing Star Trek: Linear

In my WIP post from12 February, I spoke a little on the subject of this project that keeps kind of creeping up on me.  I had some time to take a look at some of the logistics of doing a story where the central plot takes place on a planet-based colony rather than on a starship, and I decided to begin plotting some of the particulars out on a white piece of paper.

Star Trek: Linear #1 coverWhat I came up with was something called “Star Trek: Linear,” and it has to do with a non-linear based story that shifts between various points in the main character’s life.  Again, as mentioned earlier, I’ve written about three thousand words of the first story so far, which begins near the end of her life, well after most of the events that we’ve seen taken place within the Trek universe.

I don’t have a proper summary  just yet, but the first story is about how our main character, about fifty years beyond the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  It’s her birthday and her daughter’s family has arrived at her home on Kessik IV to celebrate with a family gathering.  During their time together, she notices her grandson in the midst of a falling out with his father.  His father is adamant about enrollment in a Starfleet Academy prep school off-world, but the grandson is very reluctant to commit to any path that leads to Starfleet.  There’s an exchange of words, and her grandson leaves the dinner table to get away from his father.

Shortly after dinner, the grandson goes down to her study and she finds him wandering around within.  He sees her holographs and the case of various accolades she’s earned within Starfleet, but also a glove, a ball, and a bat.  And so, to help him feel better, she decides to tell him stories of her time in Starfleet, and as a baseball player in a fledgling professional league on Kessik.  A time when her parents nearly forced her to go to Starfleet Academy and she rebelled in her own way by running away and joining her friend, Irene, instead of going to school.

And so, the rest of the plot goes from there, told in retrospect.

I don’t know, yet, if United Trek will let me bring this into the universe or not.  But I’m having a lot of fun putting together a baseball league with the help of some software I’ve used in some of my other stories for fictional leagues.

I’m curious to hear if anyone has any thoughts on the premise.