Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Manderley, Again…

The Chains of Error cover

Kudos to anyone who recognizes the famous first line of this blog post.  But last night before I reported in for work, Sam Redfeather and I had a chance to polish off the last bit of The Chains of Error and I wanted to write on my feelings about this endeavor.  Sam hasn’t had a …

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The New Threat, Chapter 9

Star Trek: The New Threat cover

Since the most recent chapter of The Chains of Error is now online, I’ve decided to start writing and finishing off The New Threat.

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Ariel Must Die

Aubery Plaza in Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Not too long ago in the crossover novel The Chains of Error (with Sam Redfeather’s Gibraltar), a number of people were a little surprised to read that Ariel Elannis died in the line of duty while trying to bring the evil Colonel Galmesh to justice.  I wanted to spend a little time talking about what …

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Change Over

Starfleet Commbadge from the 2360s by Kris Trigwell

Due to the demise of my Full Speed Ahead site, I’ve decided that since I have multiple series ongoing right now, I would collate all of them into one site.  And as I tend to think of writing as an adventure one needs to approach with all due haste, I’ve named this blog for the …

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